Cold Storage Alaska


Cold Storage Alaska


By John Straley

ISBN-13 9781616954758   

Trade Paperback

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Cold Storage, Alaska, is a remote fishing outpost where salmonberries sparkle in the morning frost and where you just might catch a King Salmon if you’re zen enough to wait for it. Settled in 1935 by Norse fishermen who liked to skinny dip in its natural hot springs, the town enjoyed prosperity at the height of the frozen fish boom. But now the cold storage plant is all but abandoned and the town is withering.

"Straley strikes the perfect balance of humor and pathos in this story . . ."

   -New York Times Book Review

"Straley has created a wonderfully evocative place in Cold Storage. His evocation of nature and human nature approaches the lyrical, and he seems guided by Faulkner’s dictum that the only thing truly worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself."

 -- Booklist (starred review)