Still Points North: An Alaskan Memoir


Still Points North: An Alaskan Memoir


By Leigh Newman
Trade Paperback

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Part adventure story, part love story, part homecoming, Still Points North is a page-turning memoir that explores both belonging and exile, and the difference between how to survive and knowing how to truly live.

Still Points North is a love letter to an unconventional Alaskan childhood of endurance and affection, one that teaches us that no matter where you go in life, the truest tests of courage are the chances you take.

"Leigh Newman's ingenious, hilarious and heartbreaking memoir Still Points North explores the frailties and complexities of love and family with penetrating insight and a startlingly beautiful and distinctive voice...." -Mira Bartok 

The cover illustration is by Courtenay Birdsall Clifford of Skagway.  The book design is by Sarah Asper-Smith of Juneau.