Ever since primitive man first recorded the stories of his hunting encounters on cave walls, the natural world has been a subject of artistic fascination. Daniel Van Zyle is first of all an outdoorsman, then a drawer and painter of pictures. Raised in rural surroundings, Daniel Van Zyle grew up with nature as his greatest companion; and his love of wildlife and wild places was imprinted upon him at an early age. It is this connection to nature that draws him to delineate images of birds and animals; and his love of the out-of-doors that inspire his dramatic land-and-waterscapes. As one critic observed, Van Zyle's works are united by a "keen observation and attention to detail with virtuoso drawing skills that create a pure and precise vision of the beauty and vulnerability of wildlife."

"Every time I start new work," Van Zyle says, "I simply set out to retell some field experience or observation, and each time I get into the art I find that it is in working my way through the complex harmony of subject to landscape to light that I discover the painting and rediscover the wild places I so love." Daniel Van Zyle's paintings, drawings, etchings and stone lithographs are exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and Canada; his works are collected internationally. Dan and his wife, Roslyn, live in Olympia, Washington. When not working in his studio, you may find him fishing in any body of water larger than a puddle or wandering the wild places with his dog, Ikaika.

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