gary peterson

Taku Graphics is sole distributor for Gary Peterson's Northwest Coast Collection, a series of four limited edition prints and art cards. This series represents the marriage of two loves.  "I have painted the beauty of the coastal waterways and forests of Alaska and British Columbia, along with the wildlife that lives there, since 1964.  In 1975 I married a woman of Tlingit ancestry and moved to the Alaska Village of Kake.  I was adopted by the Kaach.adi Clan and given the name Yaana Gut Yehlh which means "Walking Raven".  My interest in the art of the Tlingit and related groups increased immensely and finally, several years ago, I began to paint pieces that drew from both backgrounds.  I feel these works are more than the sum of the individual parts.  They have presence and strength greater than anything I painted in the past."

art cards