Alaska Colors - Mountainside

CB N-1M Mountainsiide2.jpg
CB N-1M Mountainsiide2.jpg

Alaska Colors - Mountainside

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CB N-1M - Necklace (18”) $48.00
CB N-2M - Choker (15.5") $44
CB B-1M - Bracelet $23.00
CB E-1 - Earrings $20.00

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This jewelry was inspired by all the fall mountainside colors that startle me as I walk through the lush trails of Southeast Alaska. I laugh at myself when I get absorbed in investigating the colorful micro-worlds of piles of moss on stumps, grassy riverbanks, and trees bigger around than five people touching fingertips. The purple blueberries, crimson fireweed leaves. Blaze orange and gold aspens and cottonwoods, bright red high bush cranberries and rosehips, dark black crow berries, and all the wet wood browns are my palettes of inspiration.  
I wish I could make jewelry full of the forest smells of Alaska, but you will have to experience those, first hand.