karen cornelius

Living in Petersburg, Alaska, in the heart of the Tongass National Forest. provides me with an endless variety of painting subjects.  In particular, I love animals, both wild and domestic, a love that shows throughout my artwork.  Of course I have to infuse these paintings with the myriad of fascinating images I find wherever I look in nature -- water polished rocks, lichen draping from trees, the texture of bark of those same trees or the virgin forests that dominate our rainforest home.  I believe our natural world and all creatures that live in it are gifts from God, a treasure I try to portray in my creations.
 I paint in both watercolor and acrylics, often using my extensive collection of photographs as reference -- perhaps combined with pieces of wood or lichen-covered bark scattered across the table on which I work.  My husband marvels at how I can bring order out of the "chaos" my art area resembles, but I love to pull a little bit of this and a little bit of that into my paintings. 
I hope my art brings to others as much joy and appreciation for this glorious world we live in as it does to me.  I am represented by Wild Celery Gallery in Petersburg, Alaska as well as on a website I share with my husband, Don, www.corneliusstudio.com.


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