kerstin mckee

Kerstin was born in 1964 and raised in a small country village outside the town of Varberg on the west coast of Sweden. Today, Kerstin works as a painter and ceramist living a life of dual residence in Seattle, Washington and Varberg. She often talks of the resulting double influx of ideas and impulses, as nature and people of two west coasts inspire her work.
Art is an important part of Swedish education and mandatory for all children during their first nine years of elementary school. Kerstin was fortunate to have teachers that understood her passion for the visual arts and encouraged her to develop her talent. Throughout high school she continued her studies with elective art courses and knew by then that art was to be the essence of her life. 
"Nature with its power, growth, beauty, fertility and more, provides me with an abundance of sensual and provocative elements from which to create a dialogue. My work is a celebration to the forces of nature. And, it is how my mind's eye visualizes the beings of the plant kingdom."

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