michelle morrell

Michelle Morrell has been painting and printing in southeast Alaska for the past twenty years. Arriving first in Ketchikan with a very small child and with oil paints, she switched to watercolor and acrylic and began producing relief prints. In 1997 she began painting and building ceramic pieces. She has sold her prints through galleries in Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan since 1985. She was very active in an arts and crafts guild while in Sitka and had participated in many juried and judged shows.

The life forms and scenery of Southeast Alaska are her chief subjects, although she particularly enjoys drawing and painting children. She uses a variety of media including ceramics. Her style has been described as a rounding and curving of forms, including those that at first glance appear angular.

Michelle and her husband, John, live in Juneau, Alaska where presently they both work for the US Forest Service. They have a daughter, Jennifer, who is a graduate of Cornish College of Arts in Seattle. The family enjoys boating and fishing in Southeast, Alaska.

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