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Natasha has always sketched while traveling, and now she aims her pencils and paints a bit closer to home. She holds minors in printmaking and art history and is self-taught in watercolor and collage.  With this range of skills at her disposal, Natasha feels free to experiment with alternating between or combining media in a way that best expresses her ideas. Natasha currently works out of her basement studio in Kodiak, Alaska, splashing paint on the page or snipping paper, inspired by her garden, the island’s natural beauty, and interactions with friends.
In Juneau, Alaska, Natasha displayed work with the Plein Rein Painters and, since moving to Kodiak in 2001, has consistently shown work in group shows hosted locally. In addition, she has held a solo show and has been a featured artist twice during First Friday ArtWalk. Through Taku Graphics, Natasha’s work is reproduced on cards, small prints, bookmarks, & magnets. Her art has been chosen for several calendars, appears on a newly released wine label, and was featured as a t-shirt logo and on a tradeshow poster. A founding member of The Gypsy Artists, Natasha continues to show her work in Kodiak in a variety of venues.

Artist Statement
My life on Kodiak Island, in the Gulf of Alaska, offers up constant inspiration for my art. Come catch a glimpse of my Alaskan world through my watercolors, block prints, and collages. Certainly the raw beauty of nature influences my work, and I take ideas from it to reproduce in my images, but on a deeper level, my art is influenced by the fact that coastal Alaska can be gray and green for long periods of time, then filled with intense pockets of color. I react to and delight in capturing those sudden moments with my paintbrush, chisel, or scissors.  
I love Matisse’s reduction of form and shape, and I’ve always been fascinated by Byzantine mosaics. Both play into how I compose my own work. I love to use big blocks of paint, ink, or paper to deliver a visual punch. I sketch, paint, and showcase what I know and love, and my art brings a happy burst of color to people’s lives all year long. 
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