Paul Owen Lewis has a poster from the cover of Storm Boy and art cards, from the illustrations in Storm Boy, Frog Girl, Davey's Dream, and Grasper, distributed by Taku Graphics.
Paul Owen Lewis makes his home in Seattle, Washington.  when he is not in the studio painting, carving, or whale watching on the waters of the Pacific Northwest, he travels the country encouraging schoolchildren to recognize their own creative gifts.  Paul has published seven books for children, including the award winning best-seller Storm Boy.  Frog Girl is the exciting companion to that celebrated book.

 "Lewis employs native Northwest Coast motifs both in the striking art and in the original narrative of this convincingly mythic tale...  The immediate attraction of this book lies in its bold, exotic, and stylish paintings. Lewis manages to respect Northwest Coast tradition, the mystery and beauty of its art and story, while giving it new life and manifest appeal." -School Library Journal