Peter Lucchetti


Alaska has been an inspiration for my artwork since I first arrived in Alaska in 1993. Experiencing this wild and great land, I was startled by the sounds of bull moose crashing through thickets of willow and alder, mesmerized by the flickering light of dancing auroras, dazzled by the grandeur of Alaska's mighty glaciers and stunned into awed contemplation as whales splashed and fed a stone's throw from my beachside campsite. Working for seven seasons as a Park Ranger for the Klondike God Rush National Historical Park, I soaked up countless stories of Alaska's native and pioneer histories. It is these stories, along with the immense beauty of this "Great Land," that became seed for hundreds of paintings.
I gained an appreciation for the outdoors and a passion for drawing as a child when my family moved to a plot of land surrounded by the Allegheny Nation Forest in Pennsylvania. Inspired by an artistically gifted older sibling, I obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from Penn State University and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Massachusetts. Though encouraged to "give it a go" in New York by professors, I wanted to see the world.
In 1998 I was chosen to be Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park's first Artist in Residence, and continued by own series of historical oil paintings focusing on the Klondike Gold Rush. This project led to 11 paintings illustrating "the life of good time girls" for Skagway's Red Onion Saloon. The local Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and Skagway Museum both have my paintings in their collections, and this past year one of my paintings was chosen for the KHNS National Public Radio fundraising poster.

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