romney dodd

If art could talk, Romney Dodd-Ortland's work would have much to say. Like their creator, her brilliantly colored and highly imaginative dishware and decorative pieces are truly one-of-a-kind. Born and raised in the far north, Romney started painting her colorful ceramics in 1991 after the birth of the first of her three sons. She originally only wanted to make a set of dishes for herself, but friends liked her whimsical designs so much, they asked to buy them. Her talent and trademark lies in her intuitive use of bold, rich, saturated colors—vibrant peaches, blues, reds, greens, black, and white, to name a few. She employs a stunning mix of patterns and designs, accentuated by loose, calligraphic brush strokes. Romney has also begun applying her design talents to other media—she is painting vibrant floral designs for Dansko on a line of Limited Edition Clogs and has started a line of art cards distributed in Alaska and the Northwest by Taku Graphics.


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