sandy jamison

For much of the year, Sandy Jamieson is a working guide and pilot in the wildest parts of Northern Alaska.
During the dark winter, he retreats to his log studio to work as an artist and illustrator.
Accurate and lively paintings of wildlife, bush flying and other Far North pursuits are seasoned with wry humor. His images go beyond pretty pictures, penetrating the lines to a territory where art “has some hair on it."
His work provokes thought, and often a laugh. But it consistently shows respect and affection for the rough- edged people and animals who have been his fellow travelers in the Alaskan bush for over thirty years.
When not exploring around in their Cessna 170 floatplane, Sandy and his wife Melody are likely to be found at their home near Ester, Alaska. They have two grown children, Ben and Abigail, who live in Fairbanks.

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