suzan noyes

Suzan Noyes currently has art cards distributed by Taku Graphics - her "Northern Whimsy" series. She also paints vintage vehicles on a commission basis. Suzan Noyes grew up in California and has lived in Maine, California, and most recently, in Alaska. She was employed as a free-lance commercial artist for many years while concurrently pursuing a career in fine art and illustration. Suzan moved to Nome, Alaska in 1993, resulting in a completely different lifestyle, intense involvement within the community, and exciting new directions for her work. The impact of this great state sparked new interest in the mediums of pencil, charcoal, and paste and helped develop a fresh approach to acrylics, mixed media and mural painting. Suzan believes she must identify strongly with something in order to successfully render it; it's a visceral process. She enjoys putting an unexpected or humorous twist into her subject matter because it draws the viewer in on a more personal level.  She feels that creativity is a saving grace in our ever more complex world.

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