tam johannes

Tam Johannes has worked with warm & hot glass techniques for more than 20 years. Originally, a hot glass bead maker, she began experimenting with the art of fusing glass about 15 years ago as a way of combining torch work components into more complex glass jewelry, functional art, and sculpture. Her current focus is in the study of kiln fired glass & its varied forms. Tam is currently experimenting with new techniques including original mold making.

Her earlier work in fiber & clay were instrumental in forming a basis for work with glass. Inspirations for glass design include elements from her original fiber & quilt work. For Tam, the mediums of fiber & glass have a common theme running through them: cutting many pieces of the material, designing the components & then fusing them with either heat or thread. 

Tam lives and works in Anchorage, Alaska where she is also a beekeeper, accordion player, tap dancer, & gardener.