Terry pyle

Terry Pyles was born in Seattle, Washington in 1957 and had his first art lesson at age 3 in a program for gifted children at the University of Washington. His parents provided ample encouragement with art supplies and periodic private lessons throughout his elementary school years. His family moved to rural Whidbey Island when he was 12. At tiny Coupeville Jr./Sr. high school, an art class didn't exist for lack of a budget until his Sophomore year. Never the less, the school’s new art teacher, Dave Foss, in only a couple of years would turn out to be instrumental in Pyles' diversity as an artist.

In 1975, after graduating from high school, Terry moved to Alaska and became a licensed guide. His experience in the outdoors and time spent living in remote wilderness locations give him an edge when it comes to portraying the Alaskan environment in a realistic fashion.

Terry is best known for his paintings of Alaskan wildlife but he is equally skilled in landscape, marine and aviation subjects. Applications of his work can be found on phone books, credit cards, tiles, T-shirts, mugs, limited edition prints, puzzles, cross stitch patterns, wall paper, calendars and more. His paintings are collected internationally and he has won several local, and national awards for his artwork.

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