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What does Taku Graphics do? Taku Graphics is primarily a wholesale distributor for self-published artists from Alaska, Canada, Oregon, and Washington. We wholesale to stores throughout the United States and Canada. To open a wholesale account we require that you have a retail storefront business, a business or resale license, and a credit reference sheet.

Do you sell retail, or have a store? Yes, we do sell to individuals. We can mail items by Priority Mail and we do have a store, located in the Lemon Creek area at 5723 Concrete Way (off of Glacier Highway behind the Lemon Creek Breeze In) Juneau, Alaska. We are open 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday or by appointment. Closed Saturdays and Sundays.

How do you become a Taku Graphics Artist? Taku Graphics is grateful for the number of artists that inquire about our distributing services.  The following information is a brief description of how Taku Graphics works so you can determine if this is a good match for what you need for art marketing.

  • Taku Graphics is a distributor for self-published artists.

  • Artists with books, cards, prints, or jewelry consign their products to Taku Graphics to wholesale to stores.

  • We sell “multiples” not “one of a kind” pieces.

  • The artist must be able to supply us with quantities of the same item.

  • For artists who haven’t printed yet, we have good printing contracts with printers we recommend.

  • Information on printing costs for prints and cards is available.

  • We are unable to represent photographers, and limit our artwork to paintings, collage, or hand-pulled prints.

  • We will be happy to look at artwork for evaluation. Any form is fine.

  • Artists should contact us by e-mail.