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Amanda Brannon grew up in rural north Alabama, on a mountain top 40-acre homestead. When she wasn’t working at her art table, she spent much of her time in nature. Later, Amanda studied Visual Communications at the University of Alabama and completed her degree at the Art Institute of Atlanta.
While working as a graphic designer in Atlanta, Amanda worked on national accounts such as Days Inn, General Tire, General Electric, AT&T, and Turner Network Television’s Cartoon Network. It was a tremendous opportunity, which allowed Amanda to quickly find national accounts to work on when she moved to Palo Alto, California in 1992.
Amanda then accepted a position as Art Director for Alaska’s largest ad agency in 1994 and then became Art Director for Alaska Magazine, until she decided to start her own graphic design business in 1996, creating award-winning designs for both large corporate accounts and smaller “mom & pop” accounts.
Amanda is also the author of one of Alaska’s best selling cookbooks: Every which way with Rhubarb — a 168-page rhubarb cookbook which she published in 2003.
By 2008, Amanda realized that life is too short and too long not to be doing what she really loves to do which is expressing her creativity in a personal way. So she began focusing her efforts on creating and sharing her artwork through galleries and through national product lines. It is with great pleasure that Amanda continues to share her art and life experience, and she hopes that viewers take with it a renewed sense of curiosity and joy.

Artist’s Statement:   "I remember drawing elaborate scenes, long before I could write my name. My life-long inspiration has been birds and wildlife. I remember my mother singing the bird songs to me and adding her own lyrics. “Listen...they are calling your name...Aaaaaa-Mannnnn-Daaaaaa.”  As I grew older and spread my own wings, my grandmother would write to me about the various birds that would show up in her yard — it was important news! 
My favorite art medium is clay board (also called scratch board.)  When I begin each etching, there is an immediate sense of gratification as I watch the little curls of ink and clay drift away as I work. I can already see the finished art in my head and I am filled with anticipation for seeing the art piece materialize. It feels like opening a long-awaited gift and, in many ways, it is. “Whimsical” is the word many people think of when they view my art. I create with absolute joy and it is my hope that you feel it, too. My approach to art and life is best summarized by the ancient poet Rumi: Let the beauty you love be what you do. 

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