cara murray

Cara Murray was born and raised in the artistic mecca of Southeast Alaska. Her style is reflective of an extensive graphic design background as well as her love of Alaska, expressionism, color and the human spirit here - it’s blunders as well as it’s triumphs. Her positive, uplifting art reminds us that we are both great and small.

The linocut is her primary medium, acrylic, watercolor, glue, pumice and pastels are all incorporated into her carved linocut pieces. While linoleum blocks are typically carved for the printed art, Cara carves and paints her blocks without the intent to print. Therefore each piece is an original and rare one of a kind. In addition to painted linocuts she also creates graphic prints, large canvas paintings, small wood carvings and unique found art assemblage.

Cara lives and creates in Sitka, Alaska with her husband, an Alaskan Bush Pilot, their three artistic children, and a lazy bones cat named Mr. Jacques.

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