Pia Reilly

As a painter in the rainforest of Southeast Alaska, color has become the most important ingredient in my creativity. More than twenty years ago, when I first arrived, I was and continue to be, stunned by the beauty of this land. And, the color I use has become more and more vibrant to set off the green and grays in nature.

A few years out of art school my interest in watercolors took off. First, it was out of necessity, living on a small boat which served as a fishing vessel (hand trolling) and a home. But, as soon as I set foot on land the watercolor paintings became larger and larger. The images usually come from within and from a wide range of experiences from life, feelings, and emotions. While battling cancer a few times, color became something important in helping me in my battle to survive. I felt polluted from treatments and color felt so pure and beautiful, lifting me up comfortably. I hope that my enthusiasm and joy for painting shines through as my love for life.

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